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Would You Like To Earn Great Passive Income Every Month While At The Same Time Help People Change Their Lives Forever?

How would you like to make some money while at the same time helping people change their lives? How would you like to make some money promoting this very same free life coaching course that has changed hundreds of thousands of lives around the world? Now you can leverage on the work that took me years to create and earn some money with it.

Take a look:

The idea is pretty simple (its called independent affiliates for those of you unfamiliar with Internet businesses). What you do is promote the Redefine Your Reality Package through a unique and dynamic link of yours, issued through a reputable 3rd party company who keeps track of all your sales. And when you make a sale, they  pay you... a whopping 60% commission on the sale! That's it. No catch, no investment, pure win-win situation.

Let's look at some numbers: (Don't bother yourself with this if you are scared of numbers, just skip to the bottom to see what is the next step)

Right now we are selling the following 3 products:

Redefine Your Reality audio/video package along with massive bonuses is selling for $19

Miracles Today - Guided Meditation the meditation program is selling for $29

The Dream Manifestor advanced mind programming session is selling for $29

But wait! While you have the option to directly send your customers to our product sales page (given below), we highly recommend you allow us to serve them first by sending them to our world famous Free Life Coaching course. When you do that, they are automatically encoded with your affiliate id, and are many many times more likely to buy our products (while you get the commission). Also we are scheduled to release a series of programs over the next year and if you promote our Free Life Coaching course first, you are much more likely to profit 4-5-or even 10 times more than if you sell just one of our products.

This is how we do business:

You send your subscribers/friends/customers to our world famous Free Life Coaching Course

They get massive value for free and learn some of the most powerful life changing lessons and ideas known to man (over 100,000 lives changed around the world).

They are encouraged to take the next step by buying our foundation course Redefine Your Reality.

We keep sending them even more life changing free resources.

They feel encouraged to take the next step and buy the Meditation Program.

We keep teaching them and sending them even more inspirational and motivational life changing free articles/audio/videos...

They take the one step further and buy the advanced mind programming session.

We keep adding more products and it goes on...

Lets look at some conversion rates:

The signup rate for the Free Life Coaching course is currently, believe it or not, over 80% for personally promoted campaigns like newsletters, personal emails and network groups, and for Google Advertisement campaigns its about 26% which is also extremely high as any marketing expert will tell you.

What does this mean for YOU?

It means when you send in a potential customer to my website, there is over 80% chance that they will actually sign up for the 7 day eCourse that has changed thousands of lives already. As they progress through the eCourse they will get the chance to take their learning further by investing in the Redefine Your Reality Package and when they buy it, YOU get paid. When we sell our other life changing products, YOU get paid... AGAIN! Now as you can imagine, this process exponentially increases the chance that they will buy the product you are promoting (as opposed to most websites where people just go take a look at the sales page and leave if they are not ready to buy at the moment). In this way, you get paid even if the person who you sent to my website buys the product after 1 year! What's more? You have helped someone change their life forever for the better! 

So does this sound interesting to you? Would you be willing to put some time or effort and make some money and in the process help change some lives also? If yes, just follow the simple steps below, it will take less than 10-15 minutes to complete the whole process.

Step 1: Get a ClickBank account Its fast, free, simple and easy to use. They send you cheques or wire you money every two weeks in US dollars wherever you are in the world. When you are choosing a "nickname" for your account, be sure to choose an interesting nickname because this will be part of the link you will be promoting. Get the account here:


Step 2 (Most Important Part) After signup and necessary activation, get your ClickBank id (your login name) and change the following link with your id (replace the red part with your Clickbank login name):


This is your personal link to promote. This is the only thing you need and nothing else, the whole process is automatic. When people click on the above link, it will directly send people to my website at the eCourse signup page, where upon signup and confirmation it will automatically take them to the sales page. If they buy the book immediately, you will be instantly paid, if they don't buy it right then, your name will be saved on their computer memory automatically, and next time when they are referred back to this sales page again, you will still be credited for it.


If you wish to directly send your customers to individual product page, use the URLs below:

Free Life Coaching eCourse:

Redefine Your Reality Foundation Package:

Miracles Today Guided Meditation:

The Dream Manifestor:

DON'T FORGET to replace the AFFILIATE above to your own ClickBank id.

For example: If your ClickBank id is selfhelp, the urls above will look like

Cool Tip: You can use TinyUrl to cloak your link http://AFFILIATE.secretgold.hop.clickbank.net and turn it into something meaningful like http://tinyurl.com/spiritual-healing (use the Custom Alias option when doing the conversion). If you are confused by this, leave it alone, this is not a requirement, only an option.

Step 3: Promote and make money

Promote On Facebook:

Here is the easiest way to make money with us. Follow the 3 simple steps below.

Step 1: Get your hoplink... http://AFFILIATE.secretgold.hop.clickbank.net

Step 2: Shorten it on TinyURL or Bit.ly (see the Cool Tip above)

Step 3: Post the following status on your Facebook profile:

"This life coaching course changed everything for me YOUR_HOPLINK_FROM_STEP2"

That's it! Once your friends sign up and buy one of our products, you automatically get paid, every week.


Send an Email: Tell all your subscribers, friends, family, co-workers via email with your personal link above. Sample email given below.

Subject: Everyday Miracles eCourse + Over 100 HOURS of Audio/Videos


I’ve recently had the opportunity to communicate with the renowned Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Coach Shafin de Zane. Shafin has coached literally thousands of people around the world and helped them realize their dreams through his unique teachings. As he says "miracles do not only happen in the pages of history books but can be created at will in our every day lives."

If you'd like to learn his life changing concepts, absolutely free, you should join his famous 7 Day eCourse at:


(I recommend you read through the long list of testimonials just to see how so many lives have been changed. Its pretty amazing I must say!)

Here are the topics for the eCourse so you know what you will be learning:

Day 1: Introduction to Nature of Reality
Day 2: You And Your Personality
Day 3: What Creates DANGEROUS Attraction
Day 4: Deeper Into Your Belief System  
Day 5: Deadly Mistakes We Make Part I
Day 6: Deadly Mistakes We Make Part II
Day 7: Design of a meaningful life…

Sign up here:

Also if you choose to buy his book (not part of the eCourse which is completely free) you can get access to over 100 HOURS of world famous Audio/Video on everything from mind power, meditation, law of attraction, business, success coaching etc etc along with a whole bunch of other goodies for a price you wont believe! You will be given a chance to get this amazing package when you sign up for the free eCourse.



P.S: As Shafin says "A little insignificant action can change the course of an entire life!" I hope you will take that action today.



Post the following videos on your blog or website: 

To embed the videos, click on the links above and copy the embed code from youtube on each video. Don't forget to add a few lines after each video with your ClickBank affiliate code.

Dare To be Great: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiyOF6DW-Qo

Guided Meditation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozgX6XgBXqI

Inspirational Speech by Shafin de Zane: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mHKy_tQAQw

Spiritual Poetry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHnWlchWLUk

God In Ten Thousand Things: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upumh3zgets

Love Truth Freedom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBq1yAHY-0I


Make a Posting on your blog, MySpace, FaceBook etc.

Create a Squidoo Lens or Hubpages hub that is themed around 'personal development' or spiritual healing and include your recommendation for the book.

Create a Google campaign or for that matter run an advert on your local newspaper or magazine.

Post an Article on Ezine Articles or GoArticles In your article's author bio box include your recommendation for the book.

Make a video review of the book and upload it to Youtube. Rave about what you learnt and how it has helped you in your journey of self discovery. Don't forget to include your own URL above in all cases.

Or let me know if you need ideas, I'll send you some. There are also a some of banners and covers at the bottom of this page, if you know how to use it, by all means copy it and use it for promotional purposes.


Step 4 That's it! Have fun helping people leveraging on my years of hard work and in the process also benefit from it. Make a 100 sales this month and you will have made a minimum of two thousand dollars of extra cash. How much better can it get? Will it require a little effort? Yup! But is it fun and fulfilling? You bet!

So have fun with this guys. A journey of a thousand miles begin with the very first steps. Changing the world is a big task but it begins with YOU! Lets work together to make this world a better place.

With you always on the road to success and happiness...


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Spiritual Coach


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