So how are you supposed to think in the right direction to make your dreams come true, when you are being programmed from all ways almost every waking hour of your everyday life?

The solution is first recognizing that this is a problem. And then just like fighting all malady, applying the correct antidote.


Understand this very clearly…


If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting the same results you have always gotten. If you want to attain massive success and turn your dreams into reality, you will need to do things differently. You will need to not only stay away from all kinds of negative mind programming device (as much as possible) but also constantly program your mind for optimal performance and successful behavior.


So let’s talk about how I can help you in turning
your dreams into reality…


I don’t know if you have noticed… but there is a change in the consciousness of people around the world. This change is silently happening in our midst, and it is more important than any which the world has undergone since the renaissance of the 15th century.


People are slowly beginning to realize that “reality is not a random set of events” but rather there is some sort of a pattern to it. Of course most people are absolutely clueless about what that pattern might be, but just the same they are beginning to make a connection with what happens in the outer world with what is going on in the inner world. They are beginning to realize that these two are somehow interrelated.


Anyway, since you are reading this letter right now, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.


So here is the common pattern of challenge that most modern seekers of truth face. After becoming aware that “we really do create our own reality”, they go through these stages…


  1. They become aware that their potential is infinite and they can be, do or have anything they want.
  2. They begin to study more and learn about the law of attraction, mind power, visualization, goal setting etc.
  3. They set their hopes high and dreams big and wait for all good things to happen…
  4. They get a glimpse of success here and an odd miracle happening there.
  5. They try some more but give up after a while because its just too much work and they lose their motivation. They try again for a while but then get distracted by life. They try again after a while and then…
  6. Surprise, surprise… they find themselves being stuck pretty much exactly where they were (or sometimes even worse than) when they started.


So what went wrong?


What went wrong is if you want to break a wall, throwing a pebble at it today, a pot of ink tomorrow and various other assortment of stuff in the following days is not going to work.


What you need is a specific set of tools, a minimum amount of manpower (of certain age and ability), and coordination between them so they can all work together at bringing the wall down. Manpower without the tools won’t work. And tools without the necessary force won’t work.


In other words, when it comes to materializing your dreams you need to have a definite plan, the right mindset, the correct tools, the supporting work force, and the most crucial of them all… motivation and energy.


If you don’t have motivation and energy to do the work necessary, none of your dreams will ever come true


Motivation is the critical element without which nothing else will work. No road to success is ever decorated with flowers and songs. It’s always a road that involves learning and growing, trusting yourself and your dreams, and taking one step after the other every day no matter what obstacles come on the way. This is a road where you are stretched to your limits and tested every step of the way. This is the road that heroes walk. And unless you have motivation and focus, being able to carry on such a journey is next to impossible.


So how do we gain or lose our motivation?


That is a complicated question that requires a much more elaborate answer than what can be accommodated here, but simply put, we gain motivation when we are absolutely clear of our progress towards our chosen goals and we lose motivation when we become unsure of the results of our actions. The clearer we are about materializing our dreams, the more motivated we get. The more unsure we become about when and how our dreams will manifest, the more we lose motivation. Some of the other ways we gain and lose motivation are…


We gain motivation when we…


Read a book on success and prosperity

Watch an inspirational video

Attend a course of goal setting and success

Watch a movie with realistic story of overcoming odds and reaching success

Discuss with friends or family about success and abundance etc.  


We lose motivation when we…


Read the newspaper about all the bad things happening in the world.

Watch the news about financial crisis and bad economy.

Watch a movie with struggles and fight, or human suffering.

Discuss with our friends or family about “how bad things are” and how life is hard etc.


In other words…  


Our mind and body reflects what we focus on...
most of the time


So what are you supposed to do? Everyday read self help books and watch positive movies and talk to people about success and abundance? Well, yes, if you can do it that’s very good. But if you are busy and you want to get a daily dose of concentrated motivation that will last you throughout the day and probably the whole week, you need to consider some other more effective methods.


“The Dream Manifestor” program is for people who want to go forward faster without wasting time. If that’s the way you think and feel, you are the person for whom this program was created. What you will experience here will save you years of hard work in materializing the dreams that are most important to you.


This is a program I designed for my inner circle of students who needed to produce incredible results in a very short period of time (after all, when people work with me directly, they expect amazing things to happen). This was the program that I created for those who I couldn’t sit with face to face, yet I had to ensure they experienced life changing transformations.


Abraham Maslow:


“We fear our highest possibilities… We are generally afraid to become that which we can glimpse in our most perfect moments, under most perfect conditions, under times of great courage. We enjoy and even thrill in the possibilities we see in ourselves in such peak moments and yet we simultaneously shiver with weakness, awe, and fear before these very same possibilities.”


Abraham Maslow - Founder of humanistic psychology. Famous for his "hierarchy of human needs".   



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