W hen we walk to the edge of all the light we have
And take the step into the darkness of the unknown,
We must believe that one of two things will happen:
There will be something solid for us to stand on
Or we will be taught to fly...

A Message From:

Shafin de Zane
Hypnotherapist, Author, Teacher


Truth is not only stranger than you think, its stranger than you can think! You have arrived here today because somewhere somehow you have become ready. Ready to take the next step. Ready to get answers to questions you have been asking recently. I know you know what I am talking about. And let me assure you, you are at the right place. But let me also assure you that arriving is only the beginning...

Life can change and your consciousness can be deepened, expanded and upgraded in matter of days, if you truly want it.

This is my philosophy for therapy and coaching: Who you are right now, how you behave, things you want and crave, things you want and crave that you wish you didnít want and crave, how you feel inside, the emotions that you feel when you are all alone... the whole thing, depends on how your brain-body is programmed right now. The world continues to mold our brain and mind, influencing how we experience our inner, subjective lives, and how we communicate with our family, lovers, and coworkers and this doesn't usually work out for us automatically for the best.

The good news is: To a good enough degree, what was programmed once through blind evolution (and cultural conditioning) can be re-programmed again with foresight and clarity.

My work with you will involve bringing together the emerging findings from neurosciences with the beauty and power of a healing therapeutic relationship. The only secret here is understanding that who you are is not some unchangeable rock solid soul/personality stuck in the body of flesh and bones.

So here is something easy to understand for now: Who you are is something that has the superpower to learn, evolve and change faster and with more agility than anything else on earth.


And that makes you limitless. Truly. If you can accept this.

The catch here is that this sort of transformation is an art that must be mastered, and not something one can stumble upon. One can stumble upon a great insight, or a lot of money through stupendous luck, or experience a sudden moment of ecstasy... but such experiences are transitory and one is only left haunted by their memory and not exactly very enlightened either.

So that's not the type of transformation we are interested in.

My work with you will involve two things (apart from any specific issues you wish to work on):

a. Transformation of mind (that inner feeling of one's own existence) for greater clarity, inner peace and a strong sense of purpose. This happens through regular practice of certain specifically designed mind training (meditation) for triggering rapid transformation in the brain. (Many, many people before you have turned their life around through this same process, so have some faith, and you will surprise yourself.)

And, b. Realeasing you from the absolutely convincing demands of our social conventions that look like "concrete reality". They are not. Most things that appear "unchangeable" and "this is how it is and always has been" are stories we all agree to agree upon. Much like money is a piece of paper, that is valuable as long as everyone agrees what it means. When you finally see through this veil, it's feels like a rucksack of 50 kilo load has come off your back. You begin to feel a brand of freedom that is literally unthinkable probably 99% people of the world right now.

So, this kind of transformation of mind is possible. Itís usually a lot of work, but it's possible, especially if you know how to take the right steps, in the right direction, in the right order, and most importantly at the right time.


It doesnít take twenty years of therapy to bring some radical changes in the way you experience and respond to life. If you are ready, it can happen astonishingly fast. But you have to believe itís possible. This is the first critical step: You have to believe that there is a possibility that you can change AND you really have to want that sort of change of mind.

And there is also a second critical step: you have to commit to yourself to be honest to yourself. Honesty to oneís self means if you understand something to be true, if you find a truth that is within your heart, you have to commit to it and follow that path, no matter what. You cannot turn back after that.  


Radical transformation of the mind is possible. But you have to believe it can be possible for you.

You are not alone. You never were. One true shift in consciousness can change everything.


What is a session like? Is it via telephone or Skype?


The sessions are usually conducted via Skype. Audio or Video, your choice, whatever makes you most comfortable. (Telephone is also possible if you can't use Skype.) Each session typically lasts a minimum of 1 and half hours. First 5 minutes is usually getting to know each other. And then rest is packed with action, transformation and inspiration.


Do I have to take notes during the session?


No. The session will be recorded and a audio copy of the session will be given to you for future reference. This ensures that you can take in as much as necessary without wasting time and you can listen to the coaching session over and over again in the coming days.


Can you call me?


YES. We can call you for no extra charge at all if you are in USA, UK, Canada, Australia or Singapore (mobile numbers not accepted). If you are not in one of these countries, you can still call for free via Skype. The instructions are below. 


How many sessions should I book?


That depends entirely on you. You can choose between 3 packages as described below. Just remember, there is no magic bullet here and it takes 21 to 28 days of dedicated focus for any real transformation to take place, for our brain to re-organize itself, no matter what you want to try in life. It's just human nature. So, our suggestion is go for 4 sessions, which will give you 1 full months coaching time (4 sessions over 4 weeks).


Are there any bonuses included?


YES. You get the downloadable version of my first book, that is selling in over 90 countries in the world since 2006, Redefine Your Reality, immediately after you confirm your payment.


What if I don't have a credit card to make the payment?


Bank transfer is also available, if you would like to take that option, drop us a line at ryr.customer [@] gmail.com  


So How Do I Make A Booking?


Its easy as 1-2-3! Just follow the simple three steps below:


Step 1: Choose Your Package & Make Payment:



Choose Session Number

Instant Bonus Access: All 3 options come with bonus Redefine Your Reality package that you will receive access to right after you complete the payment.

Step 2:


Choose from the available date and time for advance booking.


Send us an email with all the information below to ryr.customer@gmail.com


Your Name (What you prefer to be called)
Your Email Address (Pls double check if its correct)
Where Are You Calling From (City, Country):
Your Choice of Date and Time (Choose two from below):
What Do You Want To Work On (Any relevant detail that will make our work more effective):


Currently available slots for call in: Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Time: 5am, 7am, 9am / 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm. All times are Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Please check your time zone to match the correct time. Or you may use this website to calculate http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc




Step 3: Wait for our confirmation.


Once you receive our confirmation, call us at the exact scheduled time.


NOTE: All sessions will be recorded and a audio copy of the session will be given to you for future reference. This ensures that I can give you as much as necessary  without wasting time and you can listen to our call over and over again in the coming days. For this reason, you will need Skype to make the call as it ensures the best call quality, recording (we will do it for you) and also calling via Skype is also FREE so we do not have to incur any additional costs for the call. However, if you are in USA, UK, Canada, Australia or Singapore and if you'd prefer us to call you, we can call you for no extra charge (no mobile numbers accepted).


You can get free skype account here: www.skype.com




Letters From Old Students...



Hi Shafin,


Long time. Hope all's well with you.


Things couldn't be better with me. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. So many things have been happening so fast I've been curious to see where they've been heading before I got back to you.

Since discovering your website I have changed so many things in my life and since our coaching sessions things have gone supersonic!


As you may remember we left our last session with me splitting up from my girlfriend and me finding a new place to live.


Well I found a good place with a nice flat mate and the rent was very reasonable. things are looking up I thought. Single footloose and fancy three with some good tools to improve my life....wait for it... not so..(i recall my father telling me don't think you've caught god by the legs...well I thought I'd caught him by the waist!!!


It turns out my poor flat mate, as sweet as he appeared to be was a heavy addict. I mean heavy... grass...codeine...gambling. I ended up losing my rent money, deposit and a thousand pounds that I lent him. he just went straight to the betting office and blew the lot.

His story is very harrowing...A victim of torture at 14 years of age in Iran. A political prisoner...now a political refugee He is a very sweet man and I couldn't think bad of him but my life was now going down the toilet. I knew I couldn't help him but the incident has resulted in him seeking professional help for the first time in his life which I believe is a very positive result.


I remembering you telling me not to go back to my old ways and you will be tested...well i sat the exam and scored a D!.


However through all that time I continued being vegan even though my flat mate, who is a doctor by the way, kept telling me I would get ill.

I also continued exercising  every day and concentrated on my short ,medium and long term goals.


I told you that I wanted an online school. Well to be honest that was no great burning desire. I finally accepted that my passion was my music. To become financially in dependent doing what i really love. Performing, recording and composing.


So now i have a problem... bailiffs at the door, no where to live and the prospect of having to move again( the 8th time in four years) to a cheaper part of London subsequently losing all the private students i had and being far from my friends.

Meanwhile a very dear fiend of mine (probably the love of my life) was diagnosed with brain cancer. I had always talked to her about my favorite place in the whole world. A paradise Island off the coast of Spain called Mallorca. I always wanted to show her the Island. I had a holiday booked to go there when all this blew up in my face...but then I made a decision to go there and instead of chill out and lay on the beach I would find work and a place to live.


I lived in Spain for nine years and speak fluent Spanish. My friends were surprised...my mum worried.."isn't it about time you settled down" yes i thought and I know just the place.


Just before i left i downloaded (your audio program) The Dream Manifestor. Well I've got to say it gave me the drive and the motivation I needed.


My friend died of the cancer and I couldn't go to the funeral as I was moving to Mallorca on that day but when I walked out of Mallorca airport I knew we had both gone to heaven.

Shafin, in three weeks I have achieved more than I could have achieved in five years. I have a beautiful 2 bedroom flat with a big terrace by the sea, two minutes from a beautiful beach in a good area.


I have a good teaching job in a good school in the centre of town teaching 22 hours a week which covers my basic expenses leaving me time to record my next two albums, do some regular gigs an build a following. By the way, while I as arranging the move I was having  a shaky moment and was buying some guitar strings in a spanish shop in London. The owner is a friend of mine and when I told him I was moving to mallorca he told me that the flamenco guitarist, paco de lucia( the daddy of them all) was now living in mallorca....synchronicities and coincidences...sorted..no more doubts. I saw him in concert last week, front row!!!

Yesterday I received my certificate of residency and the immigration officer asked me how long i planned to stay in Mallorca for their record and I told him it was impossible to say.


He looked puzzled and asked me why. I told him that i plan to live here for the rest of my life and couldn't tell him exactly how many years that would be. I never seen an immigration officer tickled pink before.


Well I know there loads more to tell but I'll save that for another day. If you ever wants to see my idea of paradise I strongly recommend you visit mallorca one day.

I am now able to continue studying my neuro feedback course and have discovered that I will be the only practitioner on the Island...this will be a great entry point for me to generate a good income, guide people to the state of meditation without all the new age anxiety attached.

I am also doing the five tibetan rituals that you recommended. People who know me keep telling me that I am looking younger and younger. I don't need them to tell me. I can feel it.

I am still interesting in doing the intensive one year coaching course with you but must first raise the funds doing what I love doing.. that is a promise to myself.

I was asked to give some feedback on the 4 week coaching course. Well I hope the above covers it. please use whatever you like from it.

I would just like to add that "Shafin makes the heavy feel light and the light feel good."

Hasta luego amigo!

Clark Berger




As a long-time student of yours, I feel blessed to have you there to help guide me through each of these steps when I (so frequently) forget my way.

The challenge along the way for most of us is remembering, then observing and learning when to be patient and when to take action. Most of us have spent so much of our lives in a state of sleep walking, it can be hard to stay focused when the "dragons" cross our paths.

Help is there, we just need to reach out and ask for it in the form of a coach that can help us see things we're not able to see on our own because we're too involved or too close to the situation.

I want to thank you Shafin. Not only for this e-book and all the other tools you've created through the years to help us along this path, but for being there to personally help guide me when I lose sight. You've helped me achieve things that I never would have been able to SEE on my own, let alone ACHIEVE.

When I originally signed on to your VIP program for a year, you helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. I didn't only survive, I achieved some seemingly impossible things. It's a comfort knowing you are there when I need help REMEMBERING...

...this moment is perfect.

I can't thank you enough for all you do.


Certified Holistic Health Coach / Hypnotherapist
San Francisco, California


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