Shafin de Zane Presents:  

How to Go from Zero to Cash in 48 Hours On the Internet


A Lazy Mans Journey to Internet Business


Simple Secrets That I Paid Thousands to Learn

My Promise: I will keep this short, hype free, effective and easy to implement. If you follow the system outlined here, you will be able to create an automated Internet business of your choice in approximately 48 hours or so and start earning cash.

Here is who this is for: Anyone interested in starting an Internet business to earn a nice flow of passive income, while keeping their job, putting in less than 3-4 hours a week, at the same time having fun.

I am going to assume that you are an absolute beginner (with average computer skills but have a healthy addiction to the Internet) with a strong willingness to learn and try out new things.

I am also going to assume that you may or may not have a product or service to sell.

What this is: A simple system that that can be replicated over and over. It has 7 Steps within it, each of the steps will have free, easy, paid, advanced etc levels to it. The whole thing should cost you almost nothing to couple of hundred dollars tops depending on your choices. Compare that to starting a brick and mortar business and you will see the beauty of this system.

ďIt is not the critic who counts; nor the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement; and, who, at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those timid souls who know neither victory nor defeatĒ ~Theodore Roosevelt


The System

Step 1: Decide On What Is It You Are Going to Sell Or Promote

If you know what you want to sell or promote already, go to Step 2. If not here are some of the choices (out of thousands of other choices of course):  

a. Here is my favorite lazy mans business: Get paid for generating leads! What is that? Its called Pay-Per-Lead or PPL in the Internet world (also known as Pay-Per-Action or PPA). How does it work? Simple, you promote some companyís product or services, and when a lead is made, you get paid. What is a lead? Well that depends but usually a lead is generated when a person signs up with a valid name and email address and then confirms their subscription.

The beauty of this: nobody has to buy anything! So instantly you are off the pressure to get people get their credit card out (if they even have one). So far, the best and the easiest Pay Per Lead system I have found is here ($2-$3 per lead, all countries in the world allowed, payment by cheque or paypal):

There are many other companies who offer Pay Per Lead systems but most of them require USA customers only. If you think you can handle that, go for:

b. Sell a tried and tested digital product (Affiliate). The good thing about affiliate marketing is that this is an instant business with low risk. The products are usually created by world class marketers and companies and you need to take no responsibility for any backend support or anything like that. All you need to do is promote and when a sale is made, you make a profit. For a $100 product, you can make as much as $75 or sometimes even more! Think about it: someone took all the trouble to create the product and now you can make profit just by promoting it! How much better can it get? The best place to get thousands of readymade digital products like this is Click Bank found here:

ClickBank Account Signup

And if you decide to do business with ClickBank, here is something youíll be interested too:

$109,151 in 30 Days with 1 page and 1 Product. See it to Believe It!

Extreme ClickBank Profits!

c. Get Yourself an Automated Internet Franchise: What is an Internet Franchise? Basically the model thatís around right now is similar to this: you get a McDonalds master franchise license to sell the Franchise License itself along with the burgers! In other words, you sell the business, along with the products that come with it, as well as the License itself to sell the business! This type of franchises can be hugely profitable but also a little expensive. They are automated, usually strong support staff and easy to promote.

However, due to intense competition on this area, you may have to spend more on advertisements than the other types of business we are discussing. And for that reason I have found its much better to promote a high ticket item than a low cost item since a couple of sales per month is all it takes to make a substantial profit.

If you can afford a couple of thousand to invest, this is your game. Done right, this can very quickly allow you to quit your job and earn full time online. Here is one I have found to be pretty much the best in the market.

d. Sell Your Own Product or Service: If you need ideas on this part, go to:

Öitís a one stop portal for all sorts of ideas from how to start an ice cream business all the way to how to start a strippers for hire business!

If you donít need ideas, then go to Step Two and starting asking the most important question of them all which isÖ


Step 2: Decide How You Are Going to Market/Promote Your Chosen Product?

Here is where most people make the biggest mistake on the Internet: they go into the business without having a clear idea how they are going to market it. Remember this fact: over 1 MILLION web pages are added on the Internet every DAY! So even if you are giving away 1 kilograms of free gold by FedEx for every person that sends you their address, nobody will ever find you or your business if you donít know how to market your product or service.

So how do you promote your business on autopilot 24 hours a day?  

a. Pay-Per-Click Advertisement:  There are many options for this. Out of which Google AdWords happens to be by far the best and the most effective. For Google AdWords go here:

Now just like any other companies that are the size of Google, there are many people who will swear they became rich using it and others who will say they went bankrupt using it. The trick is to realize one key idea: Google puts the viewers on number 1 position for making any decision. Everything is about how relevant is it for the viewer. The keyword is QUALITY. If you can remember that, you can make a buck with Google.

Now there are countless products and tutorials and gurus and companies out there making a living doing one thing only: helping people make money out of Google advertisements. I am going to tell you a few things that if you follow, you will be able to get the cheapest rates and the highest returns. Believe it or not, to this day, when people are paying $1-20 per CLICK, on average I pay 7-10 cents!

(If you are not familiar with Google AdWords, no point in reading this next section, just skip to the following section and come back to it when you are ready.) 

So here is the basic idea:

i. Within Google AdWords create very VERY specific Ad Groups. Do NOT create generic Ad Groups with all sorts of Keywords. Choose only ONE popular Keyword and create an Ad Group with ads customized around it.

ii. After you have created that Ad Group, go to the KeyWord tool and choose hundreds of derivatives out of the original keyword. Do NOT include general keywords that the KeyWord tool suggests. Take the time to add only that is relevant and specific to that ORIGINAL keyword. Repeat this process for creating as many Ad Groups you can (minimum 20 AdGroups with at least 500 keywords within each is recommended).

iii. Make sure you customize each of your ads inside every Ad Group and make it highly relevant. If you donít do that, your quality score (the score Google uses internally to higher or lower your Cost Per Click) will go down and you will pay higher. (When you have become a little more comfortable with all this, customize your landing pages too and create a different landing page for each AdGroup. However, one very important thing to remember at this point, never ever advertise a new domain on the same campaign. It will instantly cause your quality score to go to zero.)

iv. Bid ridiculously low! Do not bid more than 10-15c for markets where people are paying a dollar or even more. And even lower for niches where you know you are one of the only few. Do not be worried if Google does not show your ads more often initially. It will warm up eventually the more specific you get and the more keywords you add through the process described above. Also if you are targeting anywhere outside US, Canada and UK, it is even more likely that you can pay only a few cents per click.  

v. Earn more because you are getting highly targeted traffic for very low prices. Here is the math:

If you are selling something worth $100, and if you spend $50 on traffic getting 500 people visit your site for 10 cents a click, with 1% sale you will have $500. Thatís $450 profit for $50 traffic. 1 out of every 100 customers who are looking for your product right now! Can you make that happen?

b. Constantly Advertise For Free On These Places: gets over 1 BILLION Hit's EVERY Single Day! Create a profile, make friends and promote your product. the second most popular social networking site. Same as MySpace. The Number 1 place on the Net to place free videos! No Limit to how many video's you place! Place a video every day if you can! Forget about coming up with high quality videos, just blabber away for 2-3 minutes with something relevant to your site and don't forget to include your website address in the end or beginning. Make it a habit to put an ad everyday over here (or any other free classified ad sites you want). Itís free and gets a lot of traffic.

Cool Trick: Become member of as many MySpace or FaceBook Groups as you can (relevant ones), then post bulletins and messages on those groups.

c. Become member of relevant online forums: Forums get a lot of traffic, its okay to advertise within guidelines on most forums and if you write a great post, it can get thousands of views for free. How do you find a forum? If you are selling candyfloss, then search for "candyfloss forum" on Google, that's how! 

d. Miscellaneous:

Write a heart warming email to all your friends and family, and distant cousins, and business associates etc. BUT, here is the disclaimer, donít send email to anyone who you can call, and donít call anyone who you can meet up with right now. Tell anyone and everyone about your new business!

When you are writing your emails or any other correspondence you may want to change your big promotion url (if you are sending some affiliate stuff) to something smaller (and also hide the real url). A good tool for that is it not only shortens your url, but also allows you to see how many people clicked on it. If you donít want all that, just use 

Create a nice and cheap business card that promotes your page. Give it to ANYONE you meet, taxi driver, the guy you are sitting next to in the subway, your neighbor etc. Remember the favor you are doing to THEM by sharing this opportunity! It should be a catchy looking card different from what every other person is carrying. Something that makes an impression with the gist of the message being: MAKE $1000 Every Day! and your contact number.

Create a promotional signature for all your outgoing email that includes your website link.

Put a voice mail on your cell phone and mention that they can go check out your new website which is


Step 3: Get a Website

Website Hosting: Okay, there are 3 choices within this, free, trial and paid. Free is going to be lower quality and you will have to share their domain name (the website address), trial is going to high quality but you can opt out before you make a commitment and finally paid is what it is. Now a days most website hosts also come with very easy to make WYSIWYG editors (What You See Is What You Get) that allows you to create websites and upload them with no prior experience at all. Here are some options:

Paid and Trial:

Great Value and No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee:

Great Value, Unlimited Space, Unlimited Bandwidth:

Free Web Hosting:

1500 MB Disk Space, 100 GB Data Transfer:

Or Create a free Blog:

Learn to Create and Manage Your Own Websites:

If you want to learn some basic website making skills very fast, here is a great product: "The Internet Marketing Video Tutorial Madness" Featuring more than 250 easy to follow, pleasurable to watch and listen to Videos of down to earth and practical tutorials on everything from creating basic websites to advanced internet marketing skills.


Step 4: Accept Payment

The best and easiest way to receive payment right now is through PayPal. It takes 5 minutes to setup an account, its free and you can start accepting payment from all major credit cards immediately from all over the world.

If you want a professional merchant account, here is a good one:


Step 5: Build a List

After you have completed the above steps, it's time to build a list. Remember this one rule: it takes at least 5-7 times of viewing of your advertisements before someone buys your product. Now whatever you are selling or promoting, if you are not collecting leads, you are wasting valuable traffic. Ideally every visitor that comes to your site should be coaxed, bribed, influenced, motivated, even forced to sign up on your list! By now if you donít know why building your list is so important, you may not have understood the world of Internet Business yet. I suggest you educate yourself more.

Here are the two top Autoresponder companies right now who specialize in managing large lists, sending periodic newsletters etc.

AWeber: (the one I use and in my opinion the best)



Step 6: Advanced Gadgets and Gizmos

The Ultimate KeyWord Tool for Serious Internet Marketers. A professional solution.

A Secret Tool for Google AdWords Advertisers See it from the INSIDE!

Free KeyWord Research Tool: For Checking Keyword Popularity Across Different Search Engines.


Step 7: Going to the next level...

Free Master Course Series 4 Awesome Internet Business Masters Courses ALL FREE. No signup no nothing, simply download and learn.


I hope you have found some value in this little tutorial. In the end, remember great ideas are easy to come by, but execution is the key to success. So donít be shy to experiment and execute. The only way you will truly learn is not by studying more but by trying, making some mistakes and through the process: growing beyond who you are now.

Finally, if you have found some value within this, do share it with your friends, family and colleagues so they can grow as well.

And don't forget to save this address so you can refer back to it whenever you need. Remember once again, and this is 100% true, what is written here is the funneled version of almost 5 years of trial and error and literally thousands of dollars of investments. If you don't want to waste the same time and money, I suggest you follow what is here.

I wish you all the best,


Shafin de Zane, CHT, MH, MNLP
Hypnotherapist, Author, Coach 


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